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What to Expect When You Get Your Car Exteriors Detailed

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Ever wondered what magic is used to keep cars looking showroom-ready? Well, it’s not magic; it’s car exterior detailing! Car exterior detailing in Edmonton involves a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle’s exterior to achieve high-quality cleanliness and polish. Think of it as a spa day for your car, where every nook and cranny gets special attention.

What is Car Exterior Detailing?

Detailing is much more meticulous than your standard car wash. Car exterior detailing in Edmonton focuses on washing the dirt off your car; we’ll remove contaminants, polish out light scratches, and apply sealants that protect the paint and enhance its shine.

What to Expect During a Car Exterior Detailing Session?


First things first, your car gets a thorough bath. This isn’t just any splash and dash. Our detailers use high-pressure washers, foam cannons, and soft microfiber mitts, along with specialized automotive shampoos, to make sure every bit of dirt and grime is washed away.


Next up, your car gets a detox. Even after a wash, some nasty stuff like tar and tree sap can stick around. We whip out the clay bars or clay mitts to gently pull off these stubborn contaminants from your paint, making it super smooth.


After the wash and detox, it’s time to dry off. Our detailers avoid those pesky water spots by using microfiber towels or professional air blowers to dry your car thoroughly.

Paint Correction: 

Paint correction involves machine polishing with various pads and compounds to fix swirls, scratches, and dullness, bringing back that gloss and clarity.

Trim and Wheel Cleaning: 

While the paint gets its pampering, the trim and wheels don’t get left out. Our detailers clean up your wheels, brakes, and tires, getting rid of all the brake dust and dirt. We’ll also spruce up the trim and apply tire protection to make those tires and rubber parts look new.

Paint Protection: 

After all that cleaning and correcting, a protective layer like wax, sealant, or even a ceramic coating is applied. This shields your paint from the elements and keeps it looking fresh for longer.

Glass and Mirrors: 

Nearly there! Now it’s time for the windows, mirrors, and headlights. They get a good clean and polish for better visibility and that sparkling finish.

Car Detailing Treatments that we use in JRS Auto Detailing:

Iron X Decon Treatment:

Imagine your car rolling down the street, picking up all sorts of metallic particles from brake dust and rail dust. Over time, these metal bits can stick to your car’s paint like clingy guests. We provide Iron X Decon Treatment— a chemical solution that tackles these iron contaminants head-on. When sprayed on, Iron X reacts with the metal, transforming it into something that water can just wash away. This not only cleans your paint but restores its silky smooth feel.

Tar Remover / Solvent Clean:

Ever gotten tar or asphalt stuck to your shoe and tracked it everywhere? Your car’s exterior faces something similar. That’s where Tar Remover comes in. In JRS we use this specialized cleaner that breaks down tar, asphalt, and other gooey messes that can’t be ousted by a regular wash. Just apply it to the sticky spots, and it dissolves them right away, making it super easy to wipe your car clean without any risk to the paint.

Clay Bar Treatment:

Think of a clay bar as a magic eraser for your car’s paint. It’s a soft, malleable bar (or mitt) that, when used with a lubricant like a detailing spray or soapy water, gently pulls up all sorts of grime that normal washing misses. This includes cleaning tree sap off cars and road grit. We rub your car down with a clay bar, leaving the paint feeling baby-smooth and totally prepped for waxing or sealing.

Spray Sealer:

Want to keep your car looking fabulous with minimal effort? Spray sealer is your go-to. This spray-on product coats your car with a protective layer that’s tough against environmental nasties like UV rays and bird droppings. We give your car a glossy finish that’ll make it look like it just rolled out of a showroom. Plus, we make future washes a breeze, as dirt has a harder time sticking to the sealed surface.


As part of our services, we provide polishing, which serves as a mini makeover for your car. It’s all about smoothing out those little imperfections on your car’s paint, like swirl marks, scratches, and sun damage. This evens out any rough spots and gives your car’s paint that smooth, shiny finish we all love. It’s like sanding down a rough piece of wood to reveal the beautiful grain and colour beneath. Our polishing services not only make your car look awesome but also bring out the depth and natural shine of the paint.

Revitalize Your Ride:

Giving your car a professional exterior detailing isn’t just about making it look pretty. From the thorough wash that kicks off the process to the detailed polishing and protective finishing touches, JRS Auto Detailing in Edmonton enhances your car’s appearance and protects it from everyday wear and tear. Whether you’re sprucing up your ride for a special occasion or just because you take pride in a gleaming ride, car exterior detailing in Edmonton is your go-to for keeping your car in top-notch condition. Go ahead, treat your car to a spa day—it deserves it, and so do you!

To experience these benefits for yourself and get a car detailing program tailored to your specific needs, try searching for “exterior detailing near me.” This will set you on the path to maintaining your vehicle’s prime condition and overall aesthetics.

Ready to transform your ride? Book your car exterior detailing appointment with us today and give your vehicle the care and attention it deserves!


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