Professional Paint Correction & Polishing

You Are 1 Step Closer To A Shiner Car


High Gloss Power Polish

Your vehicle is Hand wash  and clay bar treatment is done  to ensure your painted surface is cared for. Your car is then soft cloth chamois dried. Next, it is carefully polished by one of JR’s trained professionals using  JR’s High Gloss one-stage polish to remove very minor scratches, and to bring the painted surface to a high gloss shine. All tires, rims, chrome trim, and bumpers are then cleaned. To finish off, tires are dressed with JR’s Beauty Shine .

Swirl Eliminator

Recommend for vehicles 1-3 years old with light swirl marks.

This process requires one of JR’s trained technicians who will use a light compound and high speed buffer to fully remove any light to medium scratches / swirl oxidization or dead paint . Our Nanotec Paint Sealant is then applied following a coat of high grade Carnuba wax , the painted surface is buffed to a beautiful shine, leaving your vehicle looking great all year round.All tires, rims, chrome trim, bumpers, and grills are cleaned and protected.


The Works / Paint Correction

Recommend for vehicles with deeper scratches  

Using a heavier compound, the painted surface is fully polished to remove dead paint, oxidization, and most importantly, scratches. A high-speed polishing is then used to bring shine back to the paint finish. We then apply our Nanotec Paint Sealer  and wax application using a high-speed buffer to add depth and clarity to the painted surface, leaving your car with that showroom look.

Note: The Works process requires that the vehicle stays at our shop overnight. Mini vans, SUVs, trucks are extra. Call for pricing.

Hemraj Ramsarran
14:23 21 Jun 20
Excellent shop, very clean and organized. High level of professionalism, and great customer service experience. JR was knowledgeable, easy going and offered the best products and price to suit my vehicle. Everything about the job was perfectly completed and on time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!read more
Bernard Anderson
00:40 03 Jun 20
Folks, I had my 228 power polished recently. Gobsmacked. Looks new! Highly recommend going to see JR and getting this done; or any one of his services. Great service, honest evaluation, amazing work. Thanks JR....I am bringing my SUV next!!!read more
22:07 26 May 20
JR did an incredible job on my white Grand Cherokee. As he knows.. I am very picky but he exceeded all our expectations. JR was always available to answer our questions and very easy to get in contact with. I highly recommend this shop and their staff for all your detailing more