Nanotec Paint Sealant & Glaze

Nanotec Paint Sealant & Glaze

Protecting your vehicle with a coat of Nanotec Paint sealant is an important step when it comes to Protecting your vehicles painted surface . By taking it a step further, we recommend applying a glaze after the sealant, for ultimate protection.  Your car will stay slicker, shinier, and newer for much longer.

This deluxe application consists of a high speed Dual Action polishing  on the painted surface of the NANOTEC Sealer , we then fuse the Glaze it into the paint after and buf to a high gloss showroom shine , LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Nanotec Paint Sealant

Keep your vehicles paint looking  New all year long with NANOTEC Paint Sealant from JR’s Auto Detailing & Protection in Edmonton. Not only does Paint Sealant protect your Paints  finish , it also gives your vehicle a bright reflective shine that enhances the look of your vehicle . Paint sealant will also reduce the amount of dust ,  dirt & debris that accumulates on your vehicle and it protects the surface from forming flaws and imperfections that can appear over time.

Lifetime Warranty

  • Protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Prevention from fading and oxidation on painted surfaces
  • No more stains from birds droppings and tree sap
  • Much easier and quicker to clean
  • Stain protection, shine preservation, and colour enhancement