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Clean . Protect . Beautify is What We Do!

Chances are you recently purchase a new vehicle and are looking to protect it , well you’ve come to  the right place .

At JR’s we pride ourselves in protecting  your vehicle from unsightly Rock chips , Rust and Corrosion , as well as preserving your paints finish from Oxidization , Fading & Blemishes At JR’s Auto Detailing & Protection in Edmonton, we’re proud to provide honest, friendly, and professional Detailing and Protection services that will keep your car in its original showroom condition for a lasting period of time .

LLUMAR/3M Paint Protection Reviews

Benefits of undercoating your vehicle with JR’s

At Jr’s, we have more than 20 years offering the best service in the entire Edmonton community. In our shop, you will find the most qualified staff, with the necessary tools to perform a top-quality job. Our excellent customer service speaks for itself.

We guarantee you:

  • Will not peel, break or fall.
  • Lubrication and noise reduction.
  • Resistance against water and salt.
  • Protect the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Why JRS Auto Detailing?

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Before and after Ceramic Coating

Dirt, mud, or even bird droppings, gradually deteriorate the exterior of your car even though you wash it frequently. If you have never applied a ceramic coating, it is likely that the dirt in your vehicle will stick to the paint , it will be hard to get out, or the paint will get damaged faster.

After applying the ceramic coating, you will realize that these small incidents will stop happening. The most visible difference is when it rains or when you pour some liquid in your car and see how it slides without sticking to the paint.

No other product will provide this type of protection, only ceramic coating can .



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Acquiring a vehicle is a big step for you and your family, however, after buying it, another need is born: keep it protected and avoid damage. And, in case you suffer damage, it’s best that you have a team of professionals who can answer for you and your needs.

That is our goal at JRS Auto Detailing: keep your car, you, and your family protected and safe.

We offer different protection plans for your car with which you can stop worrying when you decide to travel or make any repairs to your vehicle.

With us, your car is in expert hands.


Protect your vehicles undercarriage from Corrosion & Rust by applying our Rubberized Undercoating to the vehicles under body . This is especially important for vehicles that experience our Harsh winters, as we do in Alberta.


Our non drip CORROSION FREE Rust Proofing penetrates the inner core , seams and crevices of your vehicle where salt & Calcium chloride can enter .

Ceramic Coating

Nano Ceramic coatings is a liquid glass coating that provides a Super Hydrophobic affect with a flexible glass shield that adds UV Protection and is Self cleaning .

3M / LLUMAR Protection

3M, LLUMAR Ultimate and SunTek and Llumar self-healing films. These state-of-the-art films do wonders to preserve the paint finish on your vehicle.

Auto Detailing

Painted surface is carefully hand wash and Clay bar treatment done . We then clean all tires, rims, chrome trim, and bumpers before any polishing is done .

Power Polishing

Your vehicle is Hand wash  and clay bar treatment is done  to ensure your painted surface is cared for. Your car is then soft cloth chamois dried.

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